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How to Develop a Strategy as a Beginner into Online Craps

If you have opted for playing online craps within any of the online casino houses, you are probably among all those players who like gambling without the excited and noisy atmosphere present within the brick and mortar casino houses. Playing online casino craps provides you with high level of comfort. What can make your online gambling more comfortable is your own Online Craps Strategy.

There are different types of players and gamblers in this world: you will find some that look for the crowded and noisy environment displayed within land based casinos, players who look to avoid this atmosphere and prefer playing at any time they want within their home place comfort. If you count among the later ones and are at the beginning of learning this game, then you need to learn the rules of the game prior to getting involved in the game and the gambling that comes with it.

With online craps you are also presented with the potential of winning while placing bets with a small amount of money. But before you reach that level, you should make sure that you are in control of the rules and regulations while developing also a strategy that works with your style of betting. All these should be the result of having a complete understanding of this game that will further enable you to play successful online craps.

This can be achieved with a lot of practice as soon as you got hold of the rules. There are many online craps games offering you the chance to play for free before you launch into the world of casino houses, be they virtual or real. The online practice will get you closer to understanding the game and the types of bets that you can place and turn them into winning hands.

This website will indicate the betting strategies that a beginner should get hold of for increasing their chances with winning

  • Once you have started an online craps game for your practice, make sure to place a Pass Line bet. Put a $5 bill on the pass line and then throw the dice. Once your roll has scored a number that is other than 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12, then you've set a point and the odds should be then placed behind the line. You should do these moves for making sure that you understand how this works.

    Now supposing that with the first dice roll (the 'Come Out' roll), you have scored nine which is set as the point. This means that the next roll should also score nine before seven comes in, in order to call this a winning for you. You should stick to this strategy until you are in complete control of the rules when playing online craps as a beginner. Of course that nobody can dictate the way of playing, so if you are more of the aggressive betting and playing, then by all means try this side of you as well. After all, you are only testing the strategies before sticking to the ones that work for you.

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